The Monochrome Set

Adventures in B&W continue apace!



Do the twist!

In order to get the angles I wanted on some of the pics below I had to bend myself into positions that require a very flexible spine.  Thankfully no lasting injuries were sustained.




All taken at The Barbican Centre/Estate, London.

Nikon D90 & Tokina 12-24mm lens.

B&W and proud!

In the name of fun here’s a before and after pic to show the power of a decent B&W Plug In/Converter.  I’d already saved pre-set  that I think will be suitable for landscape images and used it here with a little bit of fine adjustment.  It’s pretty close to how I would’ve liked the image to look after a long eve in the darkroom way back in the day.  This took 5 mins.





Taken with a Fujifilm compact in Palma.

Add some colour to your life

The images below were processed with Topaz B&W Effects –  highly recommend as it is very versatile, user friendly and if you look for discount codes very affordable at approx £30.  In my opinion.  The results speak for themselves!   Or is it more down to my god given talents?

I’ve adjusted the image in B&W to a point that I’m happy with and then using the programs ‘Transparency’ option bought back in a hint of the colour of the original image.  I like it if used sparingly and with the right image.


Remember kids always shoot in full colour and convert to grey-scale for B&W as this gives you the option do this + adjust the tonal range of the image by adjusting the sensitivity of individual colours.  For example. reducing the sensitivity of blues for more contrast between clouds and clear sky.