Average photographs of average people in an average city.

Photography is still a great medium for documenting the times we live in.   Images that have depth rarely feature kittens and shiny happy people so an attempt to photograph what you see without compromise rather than seeking out or constructing an idealised image of your surroundings can result in pictures that have energy and a social narrative.   So give it a go!  Do be carefully out there however –  punchy images and not punches from a drug dealer are what we want.

With this in mind and as I had nothing planned for the weekend I set myself a task to capture 3 images that encapsulate the city I live and work in..  I failed but have to a degree revealed the brutalising ugliness of  modern British urban life.  Not even close.   Actually I see it everyday but swiftly stride past and with a wry smile proclaim that ‘All life is here’!  Happy that I’ve bought 9 bananas for a pound.  God bless Leicester Market!   Tomorrow I’ll photograph rabbits on a trampoline.

Everyone was harmed in the making of this production.






Click on images to enlarge.

Nikon D90 + 18-55mm DX II ED lens.


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