When attempting to shoot in low light whilst still retaining a clean, sharp and noise free image and you have no tripod to hand look for a flat surface to rest your camera.  Set the camera to timer or use your remote shutter release if you have one.  Focus and fire away.  Adjust aperture/shutter speed if image is under or overexposed and try again.

Flippin obvious I hear you shriek!   I KNOW however a lot of people will attempt to illuminate a large space in low light with wholly inadequate inbuilt camera flash – see it all the time.  How this amuses me!   The next time you’re inside the Sistine Chapel lay thy camera down switch off the flash and time the shot.  

Even if shooting in decent light images will be sharper if the camera is placed on a solid surface and untouched by human hand when the shutter releases.  

Here’s a couple of snaps taken whilst I had nothing better to do.  The first was taken with a cheap compact camera set to a 2 second exposure – worked a treat!  The second taken through a window in my flat and placed the camera on the windowsill.




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