If you have the option and a decent sized memory card take your pictures in RAW.  You will then have the capability of making adjustments to the image quality of each picture in ways that are not possible on a standard JPEG file.  For the me the main advantage in shooting in RAW is that images tend to be sharper, detail in shadow/darker areas of an image can be recovered and over-bright highlights can be muted and detail again revealed.

To choose RAW  go to Image Quality in your cameras menu and adjust to suit.  I always have my camera set to RAW + JPEG Basic and use the JPEG image for reference before editing the images I like.

 Below is an example of an image taken as a JPG.


And below is the same image taken in RAW and with quick adjustments made to the shadow/shaded areas.  I’ve also muted or ‘Protected’ the  bright highlight areas/spots slightly.


And as you can see we now have detail in the trunk of the tree that was hard to see in the original JPEG image. A rather sinister reptilian like eye is revealed!  The highlights in the  background are also less harsh and therefore less of a distraction.  Adjustments like this take less than a minute on the software that should be provided with any half decent camera.   It’s simply a matter of moving  the slider on the shadow or highlight protection  in the adjustment options.

So do you have RAW capability?  Check it out!


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